Sunday, August 26, 2012

Di's Last Day

On Sunday morning, we awoke and went down to Verteillac for the Market, which is now just once a month. There was a threat of rain, but it made things even more exciting and we did a little bit of snooping around and bought a few goodies before the skies opened up and we hopped back in the car and toodled home.

 a box filled with good stuff
though it was more interesting from afar...
..... not so great up close.

 Becky's new hat that was MADE for her!
Isn't it great with what she had on?
...and there is Katie in the background
on her own search for something fab.

 Becky's haul, with Oolie's little tin teaset
(see here for some close-ups)
Honestly, though, the blue & white polkadots

Di found a book that I almost tucked into my pocket before she packed it up.
The illustrations are so simple and absolutely delightful.
I did snap a few photos, though, before she hid it from me (ha!)
Oolie wants to stitch them on something....
...but I just want to LOOK at them!

They are just what I would like for my own drawings to look like.
I will need to study them and practice and adopt the style
that is so inviting and full of charm.

More later...

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