Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Two (31 July)

We drove to Bergerac to pick up Diane!

We were an hour late.....
Katie had lent us her "tom-tom" (GPS) to get us there
It took us on a wild goose chase (!) through the countryside.
At least Di was okay - and had only just got out from customs.

 We spent a little time in Bergerac in the old part.
All the half-timber buildings are spectacular,
and the window box gardens so beautiful.

 We found a little brocantes first thing
("..within half an hour of getting off the plane" said Di)
and then stopped for a quick bite
(what is it called, Becky?)
and a cup of coffee.

After that, we hopped back in the car...
and used the MAP instead of the tom-tom
to get back home.
We stopped at the grocery in Riberac on the way
and bought LOTS of goodies for the week.
It was a simple drive back - no problem.

Katie joined us in the late afternoon.
She was stitching on her own project.
We were so happy to have her with us.
It is something she never gets to do during
the workshops and seemed to be such a treat for all.

We laughed and talked and caught up with 
one another -
We brought out "show-and-tell" and 
"ooohed and ahhhhed" a LOT

Becky worked on a little something that was inspired by 
things that Di brought from her workshop with Viv (Hen's Teeth)
We all ended up making things 
 inspired by Viv
(photos still to come)

After moving the table out to the porch and 
pouring the wine, we soaked up the day
and, honestly, could hardly wait to wake up the next.

a votre sante....


  1. FIKA !!!
    Love your posts, it's like being there again:)

  2. Hi jone! How I wish I was back on the porch with you all! Never were friends happier to be there together, going with the flow, sharing, crafting, inspiring each other - heavenly days and lovely memories! Half an hour airport to brocante must be a record!

  3. gals! this is lovely catching up on it all. looks lovely. thinking I can't miss out next time. x

  4. oooh looks like you all had such a fab it the location that is magical or the amazing combination of all of you super women?
    may there be many more opportunities to share our company with each other!