Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day One at Briancon (July 30th)

I met Oolie and Becky at Montparnasse in Paris
on Monday, 30 July 
They had already been in Paris for a few days before I arrived,
and Oolie had been in Sweden for the week before that.

The three of us hopped on the train to Angouleme.
We were all about to POP with excitement....
...though I did manage to sleep most of the way there.

We rented a car at the train station and I was the 
Designated Driver, due to the fact that I can drive 
a standard shift car. It was really FUN.

We arrived in Verteillac around 7:30?
hmmm, I don't remember...
We drove down to Mike and Katie's and they came out
to give and receive big hugs!

Katie had left us a few groceries, since we arrived too late to shop.
It was nice to just heat up the water for the pasta, add yummy sauce
and tear up a little salad .... oh, and pour a glass of wine!
We toasted our successful arrival and the start of the 
adventure to come.

I forgot that it stays light until almost 10 pm (sunset around 9:15)
I was pretty pooped out by the time we chose our rooms, took baths
and hopped into bed.
What a lovely place to be and with very special people.

...sweet, sweet dreams....


  1. I LOVE it! So lovely Jone. I feel envious looking at this, really wanted to be there. How nice and what an adventure. Good on you all for organising it and getting there! mmmm, Briancon. I followed some of the pictures Becky post on FB and recognised some of those shops! ooohhh.
    lots of love.

  2. Oh, ADVENTURE!!! So happy for you! What fun. I will be so excited to follow along long distance. Like Rebecka, I am just on pins & needles to cheer you all on... I feel like I know the other ladies from peeking in on the pantry violet blog. Enjoy the little moments!

    I will head for Spain, Italy and France in a couple weeks to teach again. We are all getting our travel fun, and a creative jolt as well... Tell the Pantry Violets hello from the as-yet-unmet friend from afar! And Jone, you must come for studio play here sometime soon!