Monday, July 16, 2012

new true love

Today I was at my friend Cheryl's house 
and she showed me this incredible little 
puppet that she found many years ago 
at the Folk Art Market here in Santa Fe

 side view
 ...and the hands....

I have completely fallen in love with her.
Her little wings and her delicate features
are completely endearing
I hope to work on a pattern to make some
small puppets like friends...
I'll share them if I do.



  1. Ahh - she is sweet! I think she will appreciate some friends - she has a wistful sadness about her. Have fun creating!

  2. Hi Jone,

    I met you today at Doodlets! We managed to have an absolutely lovely time in SF today - lunch on the patio at Casa Sena after our visit to the mecca of cute things which is Doodlets. But a highlight of MY day was meeting you, the actual blogger at Polkadotponie. Although we didn't exchange too many words, I'd say your blog definitely captures your personality. If you're in ABQ sometime, you'll have to stop over.

    My etsy site is

    I'm working on getting my 100th sale this summer.

    Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time w/friends in France. Those are the kinds of events that make living worthwhile.

    I'll look for some posts from afar over the next couple of weeks.