Friday, July 6, 2012

Kipper Calebonia

Three weeks ago tomorrow, I lost my closest companion and soul mate of the last 11 and a half years. It has been a rough month all 'round, loss of many kinds, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel now. The monsoon season has begun and the afternoons bring rain showers that cool the air 10 to 15 degrees and freshen everything up - make things glisten.

Jack, our lab, has had a rough time, too. He and Kipper were constant companions and it has taken him some time to understand that she is no longer around. He's not getting quite as much exercise as he was, playing chase with her every morning....but IS getting to spend a lot more time with me in the studio and in the car running errands. He carries his "baby" around with him all the time and is making the best of it. I will post photos of Jack next time.

Kipper was one of those four-legged's who knew me inside out. I have not had fact only one other.... but it is as if a part of me is gone. I miss her so much, but life continues and memories of her antics make me smile, even as the tears well up in my eyes. I feel her spirit occasionally and that, too, makes me smile.

Cheers to those self-less beings who live to please and support and comfort. They expect nothing in return, but how can we resist? We love them dearly and they know it......xo


  1. ohhhhh Kippppper! I think she's up there with all those other really special creatures we've had in our lives. You were such a good Mom to her too.

  2. ditto! She was a very special dog. one-of-a-kind. You will find another one, and she, you. Some angel will bring one to you. The Universe is a big Lazy Susan. Love to you Jone. I'm looking forward to meething the next one.

  3. Jone I'm so sorry and know how lonely you must be for your friend. Each day a little better;
    be comforted by all the love given and received by such a beautiful creature.xx

  4. So sorry Jone, sending you love across the ocean. I know how big a part our dogs play in our lives. No other animal radiates joie de vivre in quite the same way, asking so little and giving so much. xxx

  5. Thanks to all of you dear ladies.......I know you all understand......
    I am missing her a lot today, but Jack sat next to me so much of the day as if to keep me company, knowing I was having a tough time. They are our kids, aren't they?

    Val, thinking about your dear Jack Russell....makes me smile.
    Love to all.....

  6. I'm so sorry, Jone. I'm glad you had her to love for 11 years. xo

  7. So sorry to hear about Kipper and poor Jack missing her. Hope Jack can provide comfort. xxoo

  8. Oh, Jone, I have not read a single blog in weeks (but that's another story). Now I finally get a wee minute and see that I missed your sad news. I'm so sorry, Jone. I hope you are starting to feel a little better now. I have only had one dog like your Kipper- our sweet Katie Dog, the golden retriever with a heart of gold. She died a week ago today and like you, I am missing my dear friend. Sending you a warm hug, Jone, and heartfelt wishes that you mend, and the sorrow becomes only a joyful memory.