Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just found these little dolls that I made 
the first year I went to Briancon

I really like them - a LOT
 front (above) and back (below)
Maybe it is time to make a few more of these lovelies.

I have been in the studio for days!
I am getting some work done, but my hand is tired.
Wonder if sewing would make it feel any better?

Hope everyone is doing well.....


  1. Love seeing these sweet things. Wish that we lived closer to one another!

  2. Oh, I remember them very well, I can even see you sitting there, stitching them:)
    See you soon dearest Jone

  3. Sweet dolls! And I love the hearts with french knots (previous post) and thank you for your kind words about my felted critters!

  4. Oooohhh what a lucky day to find your site! I love, love, love your knotted hearts and am dying to make one for my daughter who is expecting our first grandchild:) Did you make the hearts from wool? Did you do the knots first then sew the hearts from the wool? I love them - thanks.