Sunday, March 3, 2013

stitched heart

This heart turned out just as I envisioned:
 I think the colors are good......
 ...and the stitches are fun....
.. and it feels REALLY good in my hand.

I filled it with lavender (what else?)
There are still a couple of stitches I'd like to add...
but it is not a bad "first attempt"

For more "stitching" click here.


  1. Your heart looks very joyous and full of sunshine.

  2. Beautiful embroidery and stitching will have to try and make one. It would make a lovely gift also I think. Here in Melbourne Australia it is very hot currently we have had a run of 2 weeks of temperatures of over 35 degrees. We are not used to this and everyone is going a little crazy. Might have to try and find a cool corner to do some stitching.
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.
    Kind regards cilla rule

  3. Have just found your blog through vintage fairy tales, Think I'll be staying! what a beautiful embroidered heart, so pretty ♥