Saturday, March 9, 2013

don't you LOVE when you imagine something 
and once you attempt creating it, it actually ends up
looking like what you imagined? (!!!)
 I adore this tiny landscape 
(approx. 1"x 2")

....and this is a special one, too.....

I am having SOOOo much fun with this!
To see a few more (I have almost finished 10 of them)
just click HERE

It is snowing here today.
Hope you are having a lovely day, too.


  1. The tiny landscape is so very sweet - I'd like to be there it looks so tranquil. This looks like a fascinating project - really lovely!

  2. I adore it too, Jone! Love the inchies! So beautiful, when I had done it before it was on marked out squares, I really like them with the space between, lovely!

  3. I´m smiling from head to toe:))))
    I had imagined a mushroom and here it is:))))
    Much love

  4. Oh my goodness, it's FANTASTIC. As are you, Jone.

  5. You are so clever Jone! Good luck with your workshop in France. Wish I could come - wish I could do them all!!

  6. Very happy to get to your blog after so long, found it again via 'les soeurs anglaises', you came to visit me on my other blog 'Les appliqués de Martine last year, hope to keep in touch, amitié, Martine

  7. Just realised I still come under a blog non existing anymore! I am now on 'A l'ombre du jardin'

  8. It hardly ever happens but when it does there is nothing like it. I refer to things turning out the way you pictured it in your head. Your alphabet is gorgeous. Happy Easter to you and yours x

  9. By the way, I came across this website, I am sure you would love it, or maybe you already know about it?