Monday, March 28, 2011

Creative Ladies!

My Creative Group of Ladies was at my house yesterday and it was GREAT!
I "used" them as guinea pigs to help me work out the kinks for the class that I will be teaching in a couple of weeks. They rose to the occasion and made the most extraordinary EGGS!
Here is their process:

The cutting, placing, gluing, embellishing......EVERYTHING throughout the morning was FUN!

The last photo is Anika's egg - absolutely delightful! The other ladies finished theirs up later that afternoon and dropped them off for me this morning. I will show them as samples to the class and I will share them with YOU in my next post....
I think you will really enjoy seeing how everyone chose a different way to finish their egg and each is unique and special and I am a happy, HAPPY lady that the girls had so much fun and are as pleased as I am with the results!! Yay!
....and thanks to Laura, Stephanie, Anika, Cheryl, Beth - the "regulars" and Susan, who joined us yesterday for fun.

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  1. OK: Anika, YOu ROCK! I adore the petals around the opening. daffodils, narcissis, crocus, tulips, all harbingers of spring. every day I'm looking for life on the crab apple tree and lilacs in the yard. out here in Nambe they have narcissis with pink centers.