Wednesday, August 26, 2009


As I started to clean out the studio, I found all these little bunting flags cut out - ready to stitch up. I wonder about fabric these days and what people who sew are looking for. It seems like it is very "trendy" for the most part...following the leader(s) who do such bold, bright, graphic patterns. I think that I tend to have more of an old fashioned view. I like the little patterns that work together to enhance a larger image, or create more of a traditional pieced quilt feeling. Delicate line drawings that you can get lost in - magical worlds. I guess that tends to be my style anyway, so why would I design anything different in fabric.

It would be nice to have a fresh perspective.... new eyes looking at it. Must I go larger? hmmm..


  1. I wouldn't go larger if you like small. You should like what you create. Things are always changing an I think it's the print that sells it regardless of size. I like large and small- but my sucker zone is floral. I think everyone who is fabric crazed has something they like the best. So in closing make what you like and you will feel good about it.

  2. Taylor - I appreciate that so much! I am mostly about the colors, but also the little detail. When I sew, I like to put lots of different patterns together to compliment each other.....I have a friend who makes fantastic aprons and she uses my small prints to bring out certain little colors in the larger print fabrics that she uses (inside pockets, ties, straps) They are fantastic.

  3. I always want both! I want to contrast the big with the little, the bold with the quiet. There's got to be room in the world for little prints. :-)