Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revolution Bakery

My friend, Dionne, who has the Teahouse that I frequent, has opened a new bakery in town...
and I did the menus on the wall:
The Anatomy of a Cupcake has lots of different types of cupcakes written in the cake paper. It was fun to look through the cookbook to find all the fab recipes!

Here is Dionne on the roof with the electricians (above)

Inside the bakery, before it is finished
Everything is stacked on the shelves - ready to go
They are doing lots of gluten-free baked goods, too

The bakers - Kate (left) and Lisa

Dionne waving from the back

This is the main menu of possibilities
Don't you love the raspberry background?


Nancy, a "Seasonal Delight"

"Anatomy of a Cupcake" listing all kinds of goodies
"In The Raw" which is "take & bake" dough
for breads, pizza, dinner rolls, etc.

It is going to be great once they are all open
and ready for business....
Happy Holidays!


  1. Your handwriting is as exquisite as ever dear Jone! I can't wait to visit this new establishment! The menu looks scrumptuous!!!!!! LOVE- Oolie

  2. love the signs, nice work. where abouts is this place?

  3. Revolution Bakery is on San Felipe Road off Cerrillos, just north of St Michael's Drive in Santa Fe, NM - right across the street from Paper Tiger. ph# 505-988-2100

  4. Those signs are wonderful. Really makes the place look homey. You are right Oolie- your handwriting is the best, Jone. Can't wait to eat there one day...

  5. Love the signs Jone!!!