Tuesday, May 22, 2012

COOL stuff

When I visited my mom over the weekend, 
she told me that she had had a BIG surprise a few days before.

She had opened a box that had been packed up back in December (for her move) and found a package of these napkins, along with a letter and a check (!) from Caspari - a card company she has designed cards with for years. Turns out they found, in a drawer, these little images of soldiers that she had done many years earlier and wrote to ask if they could produce them. She said, "Of course"....so they did.

These little soldiers were printed up to go to The Royal Wedding!

Imagine her surprise - and thrill!

I think they might be available in regular stores now,
just in case they are calling out to you.
I LOVE how special things seem to come out of the blue sometimes.

love you.....


  1. They are just adorable.....and Caspari no less!!!!!!! One of regular stops is the Caspari store on Rue Jacob on the Left Bank in Paris. What a wonderful surprise for your Mom! Her mushroom pin is at the top of my creative list! LOVE- Your Oolie

  2. Well done Jone's mum! The special talents u have must run in the family. There are soldiers a bit like them on cath kidson stuff at the mo for the jubilee. I love your stitching jone! I must have a good read of your blog jone it's ages since I had time to look at blogs but I fully intend to catch up! Much love to u and your mum xxdi

  3. I was so delighted and happy for her when she revealed this info to me, also, at my birthday party... and gave me one of them! It was so special and it made my heart sing to know that your mom, although with this transition in life, she is still growing, thriving and SURPRISING us with her accomplishments. We love our Kate..... she actually gave me one of your felt birds YOU MADE for my birthday and I cherish it so! THANK YOU ! Love, love LOVE!