Monday, May 19, 2014

New World

I have been PAINTING! It is a whole new world for me and I LOVE IT,
I must thank my friend, Jodi, for inspiring me to go to the class with her. It has given me new energy.

Is may be my favorite one so far.......

....though I like this one very much also.....


...and these three birds make my smile!

What FUN it is to try something new......

Hope you are having a great day today, too......xoxo


  1. keep at it Jone, you are a natural. Your paintings make me smile too. xxx

    1. Thanks, Val! Gosh, I think about you all the time. Hope your new venture is making YOU happy! xoxo

  2. Love them all. It sounds like it makes you happy, and that should enough no?
    A big hug,
    xo gio

  3. Yes, Gio, they make me happy.....though the photos really do not do them justice...sigh.....
    Hope to "talk" soon! xo

  4. They're just absolutely gorgeous, Jone!
    On another note, I can't seem to email you and can't find you on Facebook for a message that way. Something interesting to pass your way. Can you call or email me please?
    So glad you are finding so much joy in your creativity! Sending joyful smiles your way today and still dreaming we will find a chance to be creative together!