Friday, July 25, 2014

LACE in the Dordogne

We spent Wednesday at Ali Baba and then Brantome - nice day, but we were pooped out when we got back
The lace I found was satisfying, though, and for the first time I was pretty discerning in my choices. I was pleased to find some different little "dentelles" for my collection.

And, how does one resist the bindings and lace ribbon?

I can't.

Now, the rains have come and we are tucked into l'Espace working on our projects.

We were in Riberac this morning for the market. We had some lunch and then hopped in the car to be home. Some are napping and some are cozy at our tables being worker bees. I will share the results tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you are doing very fine:)))

  2. This is really where I want to be....Thanks for posting some pics so I can pretend I am there....

  3. arghhh i'm so jealous in a good way though ;)
    i wanted to be there too!
    a big hug!!