Friday, January 15, 2010


Tattoos are something I have never really thought much about - for me.
But, in the past month, or so, I have seen some pretty "cute" ones (if tattoos can be cute...?)
This one (left) is the most inventive and FUN tattoo ever!
My friend, Anika, has a little mustache tattooed on her left forefinger - and voila! - instant disguise!

And this afternoon, my friend Dierdre and her daughter, Alita, came by to show me their brand new tattoos that were inspired by Danielle's birds from her marvelous 2010 calendar from the Spoonflower challenge a few weeks ago.
The ones directly below are on Dierdre's right ankle.....

..and the birds to the left are on Alita's side.

Danielle was a bit disturbed that someone would permanently attach her birds to their skin (!)
But, I think they are delightful........
Colorful, imaginative and lots of FUN!

hmmmm, maybe I should consider getting one...

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea with the little mustache!
    The birds are very decorative on the skin too, Danielle!