Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It has been a while - whew!
Last week, I met my mom in California to take her to the doctor.
We got there a day early so that we could do a little shopping at a couple of our favorite shops.
Below are a few of the treasures I picked up......sigh.........

Okay, Oolie, don't stop breathing! AREN'T THESE FABULOUS?!!!???!
Castle in the Air is an amazing shop in Berkeley on Fourth Street filled with beautiful, magical things that inspired me soooooooo much.

And Tail of the Yak - wow. Also in Berkeley, Tail of the Yak is located on Ashby near College and if you are anywhere near the Bay Area, you MUST take the time to visit - really!

Mom's hand surgery went quite well and we had nice visits with two very good friends that we do not see very often. We flew back to Santa Fe last Friday and life has been a whirlwind since.
My mom will be here for at least another week, which is nice in many ways, though there is some stress, since I have a pretty "packed" schedule these days......whew!

Hope everyone is well!
More about my trip soon......

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  1. Welcome back. Love those places in Berkeley. Hope your Mom is doing well and you are getting some things done while enjoying her company.