Saturday, November 6, 2010

some little things....

I started playing with stamps....again.....and thought this was pretty silly!
The feet are fun and I wanted to make a little drawing that would fit...
..hmmmmmm....... not so sure, but it makes me giggle, for sure!

I put together a little "fairy dust" and need to do a label.
This is the first attempt, but I need to wrap my brain around it and picture the "whole banana" to speak.
I'll share the final result when it is done.

And, thanks to Danielle, I am almost ready to announce the opening of my etsy shop!
Tomorrow may be the day....I just need to get some photos together and write down the things I want to say....sigh.... many words.......
(don't hold your breath)


  1. Can´t wait to see the shop!!
    So so exciting!

  2. Oh that will be grand. can't wait to see your goodies. I got the cards today. Thanks they are adorable. I know it must have been a pain to print so many different ones, but I appreciate it. The new ones are great too. xxoo

  3. hurry up and list these jone - my mum is never finished sending cards and letters and some of these would be just wonderful to add to her christmas stocking!