Saturday, January 29, 2011

Los Angeles

Friday morning breakfast...with blueberries. Isn't it cool that the little "flowers" show up when the milk is poured in?
This is a little bit of embroidery that I have been working on as a possibility for teaching in March. I am not satisfied with the design yet, though.....needs a little more work.

Here is a doll that my niece Haiden and I made a couple of years ago. She drew the face and I stitched it up. I made one for her sister, Cece, too, but could not find it to take a picture. They certainly have special personalities! (the dolls and the girls)


  1. good eye! I like those little blue flowers too! and I like sewing with your niece. I gave my great-niece,(4) some of those lacing cards by eeboo for Christmas. her grammy, my sister is an excellent seamstress so I thought it would be the perfect "trip to grammy's house" activity. I got her the animals playing music ones.

  2. Jone- your lavender looks fantastic!!!! I love it!!!!! I used french knots and I think yours is much more interesting. I can't wait to try it! My kitchen table is a creative mess which I think indicates I have crawled out of my black hole! Check your mailbox in a few days dear one!
    LOVE- Your Oolie