Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Penny's Kitchen

This morning, I drove down to ABQ to show Penny the drawings for the tiles that she would like to have behind her stovetop. I painted them to scale and cut them out to see what they would look like with a little grout line.
We taped it up above the stove and stood back to check it out.
I took a photo:

I was so happy that Penny liked what she saw.
Below is a close-up of the drawing/painting....I think it will be pretty cool on tile:

A good day - talking about changes to the tiles, meeting with Nancy about upcoming workshops at Los Poblanos (stay tuned) and lunch with Penny - yum! ...all good.......


  1. Dear Jone!
    When you are coming to visit me and Sam,
    can you please do a wall-painting in my cottage;)!!!!
    Some mushrooms and other nice things....

    Penny will get the most beautiful and inspirational kitchen!


  2. That is going to look wonderful. Penny will have the best dressed kitchen in NM.