Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Day "Flower" class

My class this Sunday at Los Poblanos is making paper flowers.
We will make a bouquet from white, lavender and pink cardstock - cut and curled and wired, taped and collected together with ribbon and leaves ............

We will also make these lovelies, from pages in an old phone book. They are simply scallop-cut paper strips wound around the end of a branch and wrapped tight with wire. It is nice to add a bit of color on the inside of each "petal" so there is a subtle color to the blossom.

I think they look so realistic, don't you?
Helps to put them on the branch.....and not be too concerned about how "carefully" you twist the paper around. I hope to make a bunch and fill a vase for the center of the table.

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  1. Love those flowers Jone. There are flowers everywhere and I am really happy about that. Have a great weekend. Go to Maxine's when you go to Seattle. It is the best. If you go to Bainbridge Island tell me as there are great places there too.