Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Sunday....

On Sunday morning, we packed up some lunch and the 14' raft and Grayson's kayak, hopped in the truck (and my car, for the shuttle) and drove up to the Chama River.
It was an absolutely beautiful day.

This is Georgia O'Keefe country.
Just past Abiquiu, where she lived in the latter part of her life,
THIS is what it looks like -
wide open spaces, huge skies and red rock layered with yellow and white,
polkadotted with green pinon trees.

This is the gate that is the entrance to Ghost Ranch,
where she also had a house.

Once we turned off the hiway to the road down to the river,
Grayson took over the driver's seat.
Above, our friend Eric, Grayson and Cullen loaded the raft.

Grayson was in his kayak.

Jack, our "almost 3 year old" lab came with us
for the very first time!
He loved it....

Here was our lunch spot.
Not bad, hunh?

Can you see Grayson walking along the right side of the trunk?

This tree, above and below, was magnificent.
Somehow the branch of one grafted itself to the trunk of the other.

These people were standing on the bridge to
watch Grayson go through
Skull Rapid

Grayson ran Gauging Station, too - wow!

Check out these swallows' nests under the overhangs.
They are made of mud and the birds swoop in and out.
(close-up below)
Eric at the "take-out"

This stand of cottonwoods is on the road to the "put-in"
Eric and I ran the shuttle to pick up Cullen's truck.

There were cows along the road as we drove trough the river valley.
It was so green.
It was a beautiful day.

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  1. Looks like the most wonderous day. Thanks for showing the pictures. Wish Chloe liked water sports. She has been paddle boating lately! Hope t you have more summer family adventures soon.