Friday, May 13, 2011

Mom's Studio Move

Here are a few photos of the "studio move" that I did with my mom last weekend in Austin.
It went quite smoothly, but will take some time to get all the bits and pieces she needs moved into the new space.
Still, Mom, I hope you enjoy being "downstairs" to do your creating.... xo

This was my bedroom many, many years ago. It was turned into a library when the house was redone several years ago. I think this new identity will be good for it... and for Mom.

from the living room, looking in

the sofa on the south wall, under the mirror
(note: bags and boxes of "get rid of" stuff - all of it!)

fresh look for the bookshelves - filled with calligraphy books,
books of quotations, inspiration
and other journals and sketchbooks

the BIG clock came downstairs, too

here it is
cozy, but spacious

....and upstairs......
where the desk used to be!

much more open space in what will become the guest suite
Mom's old bed will move up here and be the perfect place to chill

The shelves are empty, but there is a bunch of great paper and "stuff" in those drawers in the "island" - flat files abound! It will take some time, but also has started the whole process so each time I visit, we will do just a little bit more until it is what it needs to be.

Hope you enjoy it, Mom. We will transform the room upstairs next time I visit, okay?

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Wish I could see what it looked like when it was your room. :) I'm sure your mom will enjoy it tremendously, as she will enjoy your continuing visits to get it all done!