Thursday, February 2, 2012

Close to Home Sweet Home

Once Upon a Time......
Two friends found a wonderful little place in a beautiful location
It seemed just right for a little studio...
...away from home, but sooooo
"Close to Home"
too good to be true?
Inside, two rooms
One with a little fireplace in the corner
My dear friend, Tricia, has agreed to share this place with me.
It is my first time to have a studio outside the home
It is taking a little time to feel "home" here, but...
It has such a wonderful feeling inside.
The light is beautiful and it is peaceful and quiet...
...and right across the street from the Teahouse (!!!!!)

We are hoping to open a little shop out of the studio
once summer comes.
It will have all of our favorite things in it -
those we make and others that we fall in love with.
Hope you will come for a visit sometime.


  1. I'm really excited for you!!!!! It's wonderful to have a blank slate to put just how you like it. all clean, all at once. have fun decorating it 'just so'!!!!!! I know it will be a huge inspiration to you.

  2. What a bright and sunny studio, I wish I could all round for a play.

    Tony and I just returned from a trip to London and the V and A, I thought of you. x

  3. The space looks great. I hope it works out well for you.
    I saw this blog and thought tou might like it.
    I didn't see it on your list.
    Lisa (Beth's sister-in-law)

  4. Jone, you are a wonder! Your lucky partner!!! Wishing you all the happiness and success you so richly deserve. Much love.