Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new "flats"

Flat Oolie has new friends!
Can you guess who they are?
of course, there will be more along the way,
but somehow it seemed appropriate to add these two at this time

Love to all
Happy February!

ps. we missed Katie, Di and Taylor in January.
Mike will be on Feb 19th...
Happy Happy to All!


  1. I am soooo honored to be flanked on each side by the Lovely Swedish Violets!!!!!!! (flat, 3 dimensional, in person, etc......... any way we can be together!!!!!!!!!!!!) And wasn't that "Flat Skating Monkey" on the prowl in Paris just the best?!!!!! These "flats" are taking on a life of their own.....hopefully they will get in some trouble from time to time!!!!
    I hope your niece is aware of this phenomenon she has started with her wonderful school let her know! LOVE- Your Oolie

  2. Red shoes, YES, that's ME:)))))
    Lovely lovely, I hope flat Becky can visit "Close to home" soon!
    Congratulations to your new studio, and the upcoming store!
    So exciting!!!!
    Much love