Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hello All.....
A few weeks ago, my friend, Kathy Davis, emailed and asked if I, with my mom, would be a part of her Mother's Day Celebration of mothers and daughters who are artists and how they inspire one another. We said, "YES"
A couple of days ago, she let us know that MORE magazine is going to post it on their site, as well!
How very exciting!
I encourage you all to check it out the week before Mother's Day, which is on May 13th this year. Check it out on the 6th, I bet. I'll let you know for sure when I find out.

I've attached a couple of photos of Mom and me, just for fun....
.....had to go through a few to find the one to send to Kathy.
Thanksgiving 2005 - in Mom's kitchen

March 2005 - in St Maarten!
We had a fun time on a wild cruise...
...once in a lifetime...


  1. I LOVE the Guad!!!!!! You know I do!

    AND! my favorite picture of you and your mom is with the doxies, Annie Lou and Winnie, I think.

  2. Your Mum looks lovely. I can see where you get your happy and loving disposition from - looks like she's given you a great gift. x

    PS: got your comments on my blog, thanks a bunch lovely!