Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What would I do without SUE?!

Now, this is about a friend of mine who has been there for me through thick and thin, through tragedy and triumph, laughter, tears, the good, the bad, the ugly....adventures through Europe, down the Grand Canyon on rafts in the middle of winter (!!!!!) ........ birth, death... and all the "in-betweens"

I think she would say the same about me....

Anyway, I got a box in the mail today and inside was the most wonderful jacket that she decorated for me for my birthday.
It says, "polkadot pony"
don't you LOVE it?!
polkadots on the collar and her "sue" tag inside
"take me to.."
"your tea house"

It is the perfect color - she knows me inside-out. It is the perfect "cozy" size and fluff and all that..... I absolutely love it and feel so lucky to have my girl in my life.

What on Earth would we do without one another, dear Sue? I love you! thank you a bunch xo

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  1. that's the most wonder-full thing I've ever seen. A testiment to a real friendship. Thanks for sharing that with us.