Monday, January 7, 2013

thank you

It's been a week of "thank you" cards

 I have discovered the joy of a white pen line
on brown paper - JOY!!!
The colors "pop" inside the lines and it makes me 
soooooooo happy!

Had to take another photo of the babies:
Jack (lft) is so patient with Tess (rt)
They snuggle each night on the big bed...
... and sometimes take turns in the crate.
...way too cute...


  1. WAAAAAAAY too cute! the dogs as well as the felt pins and new Thank Kew cards.

    I'm so glad for all of you that Tess is a family member. She seems perfectly suited for the job.

    the cards are beyond adorable and gorgeous. thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the cards. Will you share what ink and pens you use? Are the colors inside the white lines ink to or pAint?
    Thank you. Lovely!

  3. Gorgeous! You have inspired me...I'm off to the craft room!