Sunday, October 18, 2009

Before and After

Here is Grayson on Saturday. We watched him play in a soccer game in the morning and he was totally preoccupied with his HAIR. He came home and took a shower and then, I took this photo as proof of the amount of hair "before" the haircut........
...and HERE is the "after" 
................. what a handsome young man, don't you think?
Hard to believe he is so grown up.....sigh.........time flies...


  1. How fun to find your blog (via Pink Chalk Studio). Is it fair to assume that you are the same Jone Hallmark who has the adorable embroidery designs on I LOVE them -- the Laughter is the Best Medicine is one of my all time favorites. I'm hoping there will be more!

  2. LOVE these photos Jone. I'm certain Caitlin would not allow me to do the same with her! They sure grew up fast!

  3. I can't figure out if he looks exactly like your husband or you. spittin' image of the both of you.

  4. your boy is beautiful and he looks like the lovely family in your mums