Wednesday, October 28, 2009

small elves

I started working on some little "Santa Elves" and thought I'd share them.
I think that they are headed in the right direction, but not quite "there" yet.
I hope that the image in my head is actually possible...


  1. these are so you! I love the shapes of their beards and the small eyes, and goodness, those little mouths on top of the moustache!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Ha you will peak too early if you carry on making Christmas things!
    Actually just jealous as every year I worry about what makes I can do for everyone and usually end up stitching at Christmas eve dinner!
    These elves are v cute and I ove red and white together,, very scandinavian..

  3. Your're like Michael's. I went there yesterday and they already had their Christmas stuff up and ready to sell. You'll get there with the right image, although these are cute already.

  4. I love love love these little guys!
    AND they make me think of your dad's wonderful paper 3 wisemen.