Monday, October 19, 2009

making fAiRiEs

Here is what I have been up to....making fAiRiE dolls!
 I have been trying to create the perfect pattern that will be easy to cut out and stitch up. I keep drawing and cutting and drawing again...sigh....cutting again and IS a process...
.....but they are pretty cute, don't you think? .....sigh 
...and here is my little old Singer Featherweight machine. The year after my hubby and I were married, my mother-in-law and I found it at a warehouse in El Paso, Texas. It was $60. I could not afford it, so my "MiL" pitched in $30. I made many little pairs of pants and jackets and overalls for my boys when they were little. It stitches forward and backward - that's IT! My mom gave me a buttonhole attachment for it one Christmas, but I never have tried it.
It is in great shape and continues to purr along when I need to sew something up. This photo does NOT do it justice. It is so much prettier in person xo

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  1. Wendy, my friend in Lakeside sold me her aunt's Featherweight for fifty bucks and I used it to make about 2,000 Buckaroo Bibs, then I found out they are very popular and sell for about $500 to the quilters so I sold it back to her and got a vintage 1970's Singer at a garage sale for $20. it's very pretty. a classic. and a workhorse. I love your Believe fairies. if you want some of my Sharyn Sowell hearts you know where they are!