Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was busy today!
I made copies of some of my grandmother's letters that she wrote to my mom in her native Greek (!) When I was at Mom's and going through things, I found so many of those letters. Originally, I thought I would just use the "real things".....but after thinking about it, I realized that it might be better to copy them. Of course, I have no idea what they say, except when she put in words that did not translate to Greek - like the names of my brothers and me - but it is wonderful to have that little part of her still around......and to get to use them in the things I am really loving to make. I think she would enjoy that.

Here is a house, in process. Somehow, the printer was running out of ink and the color of the paper is almost lavender. I decided that, perhaps my friend, Penny, would like some lavender houses for their lavender festival. I will try to show them to her over the weekend. I love the subtlety.......

Another house, with a few more windows AND a little bit of lavender, too, over the door. It is unfinished, but still pretty cool. I think the roof will really make it great! (I'll share it when it's done)

I also got a little bit of soldering in. I must be better at practicing it.
Just got an invitation to go to a soldering workshop with my friend, Julie Haymaker ( She is going to one in Southern California at the end of the month
I will be in France! But, I told her that I would gladly join her another time.........
Check it out, though, if it is something that interests you. It looks pretty fantastic!

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  1. Jone- The houses are the lavender color and the handwritten Greek words......good idea to copy them to use and reuse!
    The wire bird nest and bird soldered onto the wire structure is AMAZING! If I saw that in Curiosa, I would have absolutely snatched it up and run over anyone who was in my way!!!!!! I love it! It's got your special touch soldered all over it girlfriend! LOVE- your Oolie