Sunday, June 13, 2010

Radishes and a Give-Away

These are radishes - i LOVE them!
I am so happy that they are so darn cute....and only about 3 inches long.
I copied some of my grandmother's letters (written in Greek) and the printer cartridge was running out. The result was lavender colored paper! It is just right for papier mache on the radishes. What do you think about the subtle color?
I just want to keep them all together in the bowl....sigh....

This little lady is holding one of the radishes and I think the size is great! I really like how out-of-proportion it is. And her wide-brimmed hat......cute, hunh? (sorry it is a bit dark)

Last, but not least, is one of the houses that I have fallen in love with, too.
hmmmm, gotta find a new way of talking about my excitement....

Maybe it is time for a "give-away"...........
I have been doing this blog for almost a year now. I will be off to France again in a couple of weeks, to Briancon, with my pals Sue, Oolie, Danielle, Becky, Joanna and Sam. Last year's workshop with julie Arkell was life-changing. We all found life-long friends. Julie will be there with us again and I can hardly wait.

To celebrate creativity and joy, I encourage everyone to let me know what it is that inspires you the most... AND what your favorite indulgence is, creatively speaking.
The winner will be drawn next friday - the 18th of June. I am not certain what the prize will be, but I promise it will come directly from my heart.........


  1. Everything is gorgeous. All your papier mache work. I love the houses and the radishes do look adorable all together!

  2. I just had to let you know because of your post on Los Poblanos, we took a drive and went through the compound on Sunday. I know they get really busy during the lavendar festival and so weill wait another week to call for an appointment to "see" the farm. The gift shop was just wonderful. It's terrible to live somewhere and not take advantage of all that there is to see.
    Also please give Becky a hug from me. She and I have been friends for a little over a year. Met on Ebay of all things. I know she too is chomping at the bits to get badk to France with all of you. Have a lovely trip. The Olde Bagg

  3. what inspires me: animais of all kinds. burros, especially calm me right down. I"m usually over caffeinated, so a walk over to see my old friend Jackson was just the antidote for that. (alas, he went to his reward a few years ago)
    and favorite indulgence: paper and fabric. I lump them into one. Paris Bottman makes a nice combination of animals AND paper. and so does Charley Harper.

  4. Papier mache' radishes such a crazy and cute idea!
    I'm waiting for our mini-workshop in the conservatory;)
    It's really nice to meet Linda here in your blog!
    I love her, and she has become such a good friend!
    Julie Arkell inspires me so much, ofcourse you already knew that!
    Her whimsical art goes directly in to my heart.
    What she does, her art and her messages to the world is what I want to do with the camera and through the lens.
    I have had a really bad pain in my neck and shoulders some time now...
    when I'm doing the photography thing, I totally forget about that.
    Being creative is the best medicine ever!
    It works for me and makes me a happier person.
    See you soooon!
    I'm a bit nervous... after the opening of my exhibition on Sunday I will start thinking of what to bring to France:)
    Love Love Love

  5. Jone- Oh My've done it again my dear!!!!! The radishes are to die for! I love them gathered together in a bowl! I beg of you....will you PLEASE bring me one to the workshop....I will bring a pin to glue onto it so I can wear it as a piece of jewelry! And the house papier mached with lavender paper....just perfect for the festival....wish we could go! And your family letters are just the "piece de resistance"
    (said with a very French accent!!!!!). Good luck these last hectic days. I hope to sneak into the conservatory and practice my "needle writing" while you girls papier mache! LOVE- your Oolie

  6. your little bowl of radishes and the girl with the giant radish is wonderful. I have enjoyed reading your blog very much.

  7. hi jone! i participated in the gorgeous book that renee troy put together for "a place to bark".....i noticed the sweet page that you contributed and i just wanted to stop over and tell you how fabulous your artwork is!! and now that i'm here at your blog, i realize that there's eye candy everywhere!!! your papier mache is wonderful!!!
    have a great weekend! :)))

  8. These are spectacular. Thanks so much for sharing your art. I am inspired!