Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grayson's 15th Birthday

Time flies......

Today, June 2nd, 2010, Grayson Christopher Hallmark is 15 years old.
I can hardly believe it......

Thought I'd share some of the early photos - from 1995 - the actual day of birth.

Here I am, ready to pop! This was at 38 weeks, one week before he arrived.

This photo is from the hospital, just hours after his birth. What a beautiful baby.....

And here is Grayson at 10 days old with his little giraffe - his buddy.

Hard to believe that 15 years has gone so quickly. So many moments are suspended in time - good ones and difficult ones. Mostly, I have deep gratitude for such a healthy, happy, bright and beautiful young man. How lucky can we be?

Happy Birthday, Grayson xo


  1. Sorry to use this as a message service, Jone, but your emails are all bouncing back to me. Hopefully you will be able to delete the below once you've read it.......

    Hi, Jone

    Well, Julie will soon be back with us and I'm afraid to say that the time has come for balances to be paid. I have you down for a bed in the dormitory in l'Espace at £550, but don;t forget you need to add another £15 to cover the beastly bank charges this end for non European currency. They get you whichever way you turn!

    We are still waiting for everyone’s precise arrival and departure times/places; when we have them we can start to organise collections from the various airports and train stations. Once you have yours (and Sue's) all settled, perhaps you could pass them along to me.

    If you have any questions about the the above, do get back to me – I have been known to make mistakes!!

    Best love


  2. waaaaaaah! those pictures make me cry. they are so beautiful...thanks for posting those and happistic birthday greetifications to Grayson and to you for the anniversary of labor day. Love,love,love to all of you!

  3. Jone dear-
    What marvelous photos remembering back on being ready to "pop" Grayson out, and then the beautiful newborn you were blessed with who is now an amazing 15 years old!!!!! WOW!!!!!
    LOVE to all of you- your Oolie

  4. Hi, Jone
    Your email arrived safely, buy my reply was bounced back again, so here goes again:

    The reason I didn’t apply the £150 deposits for you and Sue is because, as far as I can discover, I have never received either!! The only transfers I have for October/November – which is when I received your messages that you and Sue wanted to join us again - are:

    16Oct09 TFR F/FLOW /7332636334 137.00 GBP


    12Nov09 TFR F/FLOW /1905336 285.00GBP

    Could one of these be yours because either way, I have credited other people for them! I’m afraid this is why I need to know when payments have been made so I can keep an eye open, but as I never heard from you (or received application forms) I just assumed you wanted to pay in one lump sum and I was happy to let it slide. I know it’s boring, but can you check your statements and let me know which (if either) is yours and then, of course, your sums below are correct and will apply. Meanwhile, I will have to try to discover who HASN'T paid but said they had. As Oscar Wilde said, "Life is never pure and seldom simple".

    Hope that all makes sense, Jone and I’m sure we’ll get it sorted.

    Best love

  5. What a cutie Jone. I know it was a great day.

  6. Oh, I´m late but Happy Birthday to both of you cutie pies!
    See you soon