Monday, May 31, 2010

Santa Fe River

This past weekend, Cullen and Grayson kayaked down the Santa Fe River, which is normally no bigger than a creek. It runs from the aquifer up near the base of the mountains, parallel to Alameda - a major east/west street, through downtown Santa Fe, past a couple of parks and out to where it must meet up with the Rio Grande somewhere.

Honestly, it is rarely more than a trickle. But, with the run-off from the winter snows, they had to release quite a bit and it was running fast and furious!

On Saturday morning, the guys got their boats ready and took off for the challenge. They had a wonderful time. For Sunday, they called our friend, Howard, who drove up to run it with them again.
I had gone to see a movie with friends and was headed downtown for a little frozen yoghurt (Yoberri - yummy!) As we crossed over the bridge into town, I was telling my friend about Cullen and Grayson kayaking the river. As we looked down into the water, THERE WAS CULLEN! We jumped out of the car and ran to the fence. I had my camera with me (such luck!) I missed getting a shot of Cullen, but here, above and below, is Grayson in his boat on the Santa Fe River on May 30th, 2010!

And, after saying "hey" to Grayson, along came Howard, who waved as he passed us! It was such a treat to see them on this "normally trickling brook - now rushing river" having such a wonderful time doing what they all love to do.

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