Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art Project

We had visitors from California this weekend. Our friends Rod and Tasha brought their daughters, Cassie and Lydia to Santa Fe for the first time and it was great!
(The girls especially loved Grayson!)

This morning, after breakfast, the girls were ready to "make" something. I found some paper and supplies from a project I did last summer, so we pulled 'em out and got started.

Here is Cassie choosing her papers to roll onto her paper clips to make her necklace. 

The papers were already cut out, 
so she just chose the ones she wanted and started to roll them up to make her necklace.

And, this is Lydia.

With very nimble fingers, she rolled up her "beads" and connected them to one another.

These are the necklaces that I made last year, 
though you don't quite get the "details" in this photo.

Cassie was so proud of the necklace that she made.
She had lots of fun ideas about making the "charms" and they all worked!

Lydia liked hers. too, though after a while, she came to me with two of the charms missing.
She retraced her steps and found one of them, which we re-attached.
We made another one to replace the other and glued it on, too.

Both girls had their necklaces on when they left.
What a very FUN time we had!

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  1. I bet the girls had a great time. They look great wearing their new necklaces.