Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trip to Texas

I am back from Texas and it feels soooo good to be home. 
I wanted to share a few photos......from the drive and Austin.

Ft Stockton is 7 hours from Santa Fe and 5 hours from Austin - just over half way between. I have loved this "monument to the road runner" for years, but never got a photo before. As I drove through the intersection, I clicked this one and though it isn't a profile, it is still pretty funny, don't you think?

About 15 minutes outside of Ft Stockton is the beginning of a huge wind farm - turbines covering the mesa tops for miles. I always look forward to this part of the drive - so cool.
There is another amazing wind farm near Palm Springs, CA, though the turbines are much closer to the highway. In both cases, it is such a surreal thing to witness these animal-like machines that "crawl" through the air.....

Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, there are wildflowers covering the highways throughout Texas.
This photo does NOT do justice to the bright yellow that was lining the road. I was a little late for the bluebonnets this year, though heard they were spectacular, due to a wet spring. Still, I enjoyed these yellow blossoms and the purple verbena along the way. 
(it's a bit hard to take a good photo while driving!)

I was walking around the house taking photos one afternoon. This is Mom's bedroom from the backyard and I like it - looks cozy, don't you think?

And, here is the front of the house. It still looks pretty much how it has always looked, though some of the plants that were smaller when I was little have grown into big, lush bushes. The trees are spectacular and I appreciate them so much - especially after having lived in "tree-starved" New Mexico for the last 25 years (!)

It was a productive trip. Mom and I went through so many boxes and bags of "stuff" - artwork and schoolwork from my brothers and myself, old letters and notes from family and was incredible to see so many treasures. We threw a LOT in the trash, but I also saved some of the "yukkier" things to use in my papier mache - should be interesting.

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