Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Here is the final piece of art for the auction.
I think that I like it, but have looked at it too much on these past couple of days.
I enjoy this size, though. It suits me more than 8"x8".....funny.......
Hope you like it!


  1. It looks gorgeous! Well done!

  2. oooh lovely, you have chosen some great colours!

  3. Jone- Since Laurel has been home I cannot find the phone, my car keys, my tweezers, myself........! This is absolutely amazing...and done on top of all your papier mache for Curiosa....I am blown away! This is really something to show Jen when the time is right for you. I'll take one od these in a hooked rug, sil vous plait...toot sweet! LOVE- Oolie

  4. The combination of coloures are so nice,
    I Love this painting Jone!
    Hope you are doing great and I guess that you are counting the days!!!
    Lots of Love

  5. Hi Jone,

    Whenever I stop in for a visit to your blog I always see such JOY in what you post. I love this painting! The colors and the movement are so enchanting. Good luck with the auction, what great art to share.

  6. Wonderful Jone. I enjoyed seeing the process as it changed during each posting. I am sure it will do well in the auction.

  7. fabulous, Jone! you have such a lovely style in all your work. xoxo

  8. Jone... I saw the entire book and YOUR piece just added to the mix so nicely. What a labor of love and I would have loved to have seen it in person. You should post a link to the entire project on your blog, as every artist's contribution was touching. Love your blog.. Love you and your mom! XOXO Trish