Friday, July 29, 2011

almost done...

Here It Is!
It still has a few little details to be filled in...
But soooo close to being finished.

Cullen and Grayson are NOT going to El Paso this weekend,
so my mother-in-law will not be receiving it.
I guess I'll have the time to really finish it up the way I want to
so I can give it to her in a couple of weeks
when I see her myself.

The other day, my friend Charlotte showed the "backside" of one of her stitched pieces....
What an INSPIRATION! I am learning to not "knot" each piece of thread when I am done with it......and wind the thread through on the back instead. Aren't the colors happy?

I really like looking at the back.


  1. A frame made of real gold for this beautiful heart,
    Jone this heart is amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh Jone, That is incredibly beautiful. A lot of time and love went into that. OOh it makes me swoon.

  3. Jone- I am having trouble posting a here goes, again!!!! This heart for your mother-in-law is just stunning You must be so happy at how it is turning out! Thank you for posting photos of all the little nooks and crannies......I can't stop looking at it! There is a workshop hidden away in this gem! Your mother-in-law will be so pleased to receive this heirloom from you! LOVE- Your Oolie

  4. This is wonderful, is it your own design?

  5. dònde puedo encontrar e gràfico para hacerlo??? es hermoso!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Jone!
    Is there a possibility that I could get this pattern? Is it yours? Do you sell it? If not, where can I purchase it?

    Thank you!