Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Los Poblanos

Here are a few photos of our day at LP today.

Oolie and Stephen were walking around, talking about distilling lavender to get the essential oil out so it can be used in products like shampoo, lotion and lavender salve.
It is a very long process, but sooooo cool!

We dropped in to see the animals and
this chicken was making a LOT of noise.
It hopped out of the pail and had left this lovely egg behind -
such an announcement!
This is Eeyore. He is a tiny donkey (tiny miniature donkey) who was rescued after his mom died. He is very young and small enough to pick up in your arms - smaller than many dogs (!)
He is precious and weak, but in the perfect place to heal and grow strong....
Here are the three "kids" that were born yesterday
sooooooo cute!
zinnias in the garden
Oolie posing while smelling the zinnias
(don't you love her turquoise shorts?)
goats eating up extra zucchinis
(or "courgette" for some of you out there)
Check out these squash!
The cow got a few, too

More photos tomorrow....

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  1. I love the little donkey and I love Oolie in her blue shorts.....
    I always love Oolie:)