Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Creative Friends

Can't believe it was just last Sunday that Oolie was here and we had our Creative Lady Group at my friend Stephanie's house. The ladies got to meet Oolie and she got to meet them....
We ate like king's and then sat down to work on some papier-mache, inspired by Miss Arkell.
Oolie really wanted to test out the stitching on paper before applying it to the box, so that is what we all did - FUN!
Here is Oolie's first attempt at stitching on paper and I think it came out fantasticallY!!!!!
This is the lid of a small box and I love that the word "heart" was found and applied...

And here are Oolie's felt flowers. She could not quite recall the ones she had done last fall, so we looked at the photo of the little garden jar that she made for me and reconstructed the tiny blooms.....aren't they sweet?
It is Saturday and I plan to stitch off and on all day long! What a luxury...
Hope you are doing something luxurious, too....


  1. so lovely that you spent all that time together and that you created such precious wonders!
    so sorry not to have been in touch is running away with me....looks like I could do with a dose of you delightful Los poblanos...

  2. Can't wait to see what you have been stitching. WIll it be for Amy or someone else or just you? Hope you have been having a nice summer.