Friday, March 2, 2012

The Little Shop

Slowly, but surely, I am getting things made so that I can fill up
the Little Shop on the Corner.

These are my latest "Favorite Thing"
I know that you have already seen the Blue Ones, but......
How 'bout these Red Ones?!!
They are much smaller than they look in this photo -
only about one and a half inches tall

and aren't these rock faces cute?

above and below
Here is a little shelf that is on the table in the middle of the room
This shelf is pretty full of a LOT of stuff.

And the window that looks out on the street...
..and across to the Teahouse.

I love the space, but am still quite nervous about it.
Quite a commitment...whew....

...wish me luck...


  1. It all looks lovely - wish it was nearby for me to visit! I especially love your little birds, the toadstools and the brooches. The green-grey shelf is a delight by itself, but filled with treasure is even better! Good luck!

  2. It'll be GREAT! and I always say' "God will provide". It's just what you need. and Happy Birthday comin' up!!!!!

  3. Its all so wonderful! the birds, those happy rock faces! Love it and Happy Birthday

  4. This all looks fantastic....and very inviting! If I were strolling down Canyon Rd. and looked into your window, I would absolutely melt.....and then barge right in and buy at least one of everything!!!!!! I am so happy to see the bluebirds up.....they are a real eye catcher! Have fun in is just the best! LOVE- your Oolie

  5. oh oh oh this looks SO exciting! I WISH I was close by and could come and see!!! Have you got an online shop?? Oh the little birdies are very cute!



  6. wishing you and your little shop all the luck in the world xxx

  7. Looks like you have some great stuff for your shop. The spotted mushrooms are singing to me as are eh broaches, and the birds... All looks great.xxoo