Thursday, December 10, 2009

little pixies

Happy Holidays to Everybody...
I just found these little pixies that I made many years ago. I can't believe they still look so fresh.
I am getting the house in order for the holiday and it feels good. I just love the lights and the coziness of all the familiar decorations.... little treasures....
 I hope that we'll be able to get our tree this weekend. We are going for the "live" tree this year and I am very excited. We have been using the "fake" for many years....I need to smell the evergreen again!
Hope things are cheery where you are. We still have snow on the ground and I have been playing my favorite xmas cd's for days now! Ho Ho Ho to all...and Happy Hanukkah xoxo


  1. Jone, the pixies are adorable! What Christmas CDs do you call your favorites, the ones that stand the test of time?

  2. my very favorites I will post on the blog...thanks for asking. I like quite a mix, so no one gets bored and everyone has a chance to hear what they like...

  3. Golly, are you the perfect mum? pixies, christmas CDs white snow outside and I bet you have a smile on your face!
    Please let some of that goodwill fly across the ocean!!!
    We are getting our tree this year and my lovely Rockerfella Nick will undoubtedly bring home the biggest bushiest tree in Surrey and will dominate the whole room.....its worth it though!

  4. i know what you mean, I brought one canister of ornaments with me from Lakeside and unpacked it last weekend. after I saw you at the Waldorf School I went to the arroyo nearby and found a branch from an old juniper tree and put it in my window. it is exactly the right size for my 15 or so little treaures. two are the glass Santas I got from you last year. so I have a Christmas display too. up away from prying doggie noses. tonight I go to La Pasadas at the plaza for more Christmas festivity! yes, let's get together soon.