Friday, December 18, 2009

little things I love

Above my desk in the studio is this little collection which struck me as very "Christmasy" when I looked at it today. 
I have always loved the little elf person and the Del Monte can with "legs" who was made by my friend Tricia, who has the most wonderful imagination and ability to make me smile!

 And this little shelf is just the right colors, right? 
I added the animals to it a long time ago and they are now part of the permanent exhibit~

My guys left at noon today to drive to Texas to go pheasant hunting. They took Jack, the lab, along with his sister(Hannah) and their mom (Indiana, aka. "Indie")...should be fun for all.
I hope to get a bunch done while they are gone, but I always have great plans...sigh....


  1. Just want to come home!! to Sf !! working to make that happen, all my love and all my hugs J

  2. Your studio is such an inspiring place,
    small treasures in every corner!
    I dream of seeing it in real life one day!
    Lots of Christmas love