Tuesday, December 15, 2009

that reminds me.....

Dearest Becky
I was so happy to see this little guy sitting in the middle of the table at Beth's house the other day and just had to post it for YOU!
I thought that it was the perfect thing for you to see 
It reminds me of your sweet little ladies.
I think the only thing missing is a star in his hand to reach out to hang on the tree....

This "lady" was sitting at each place waiting for us to sit down. Beth figured a way to put two cookies (lady and heart) so close that they will bake together - how very special...
And here is the "Santa sill" with some of her favorites hanging out together. 
The one on the far right is one of my designs...
...a couple more goodies:  Santa, an elf, an open hand, heart with a frame and the boot with the tree, which may be my favorite here...
I just love this time of year. The memories that each ornament conjures up.
The "sometimes subtle" red and green...mossy and rich...
traditions and new surprises

Happy Holidays


  1. Oh Jone, this little guy belongs to the Vintage Fairy Tales !
    When I opened your blog today he just jumped out of the screen saying hello to me.
    Your friend Beth has an excellent taste and a beautiful home.
    I love how she has created the little story inside a glass cover.

    A lot of ladies with big hearts that is exactly the way it is,
    thank you for everything!
    Lots of love

  2. I just adore you, dear Becky!!!!!
    Happy Happy Holidays!

    xo Jone