Saturday, December 5, 2009

red and white

Today was the Winter Faire and I totally forgot to take photos of my little table filled with all my little goodies - darn! Still, I had taken these last night and thought I'd share them with you.

I sold all but one of the Santas. They are pretty charming and were displayed with little snow-covered trees and a couple of red and white mushrooms. Very effective....
Here is a preview of those red and white mushrooms....I do love the colors and the "light" of this holiday. Driving to pick up Grayson tonight made me soooo happy - Christmas lights and decorations everywhere...such a *zing* it gave me! I think I'll get started on the decorating tomorrow.....


  1. Love those toadstools Jone!!!

  2. Those little treasures out of the beautiful red with the accents are just delicious....wish I had a room full of them on trees.......YOU are very talented

  3. Polka dotted mushrooms is just my style!
    I would certainly have enjoyed that Winter Fair.
    Thank´s for your lovely comments on my blog,they are like injections of happiness and love!

  4. I am busting with pride for you!!! You did it!!!! Now we can say in touch and see what we are up too!!! Hugs to you Darling!!!!!! Love J