Wednesday, December 22, 2010

it's been awhile....

I have been busy - really busy!
And, with the holidays here, I feel sad, a little, and miss all of you.
I am so disorganized. No presents sent to those whom I love and it makes me feel like a loser.
I always think about getting cards out ...... just after Thanksgiving ........ and the time comes and goes and here it is hours before Christmas and nothing has been put in the post.
Cullen and Grayson were gone for four days over the weekend and I finally got a semblance of Christmas up - two small trees instead of the big one this year. Perhaps I will post photos of that later........

Anyway, not to be too much of a downer, here are some photos from my visit to Los Poblanos last Saturday. I am designing tiles for behind the stovetop in the new house and needed to get an opinion from Penny and Armie as well as some measurements. I'll share more as that project continues.

This is the kitty in the Farm Shop at LP. Isn't he cute? He posed right there above us on the shelf so that I could get his picture.....

It snowed all day on Friday, so it was pretty frosty driving to ABQ and back. This is a pretty good shot of the snow and some of the shorter mountains in the background on the drive home.

And, to get into the spirit, I went downtown in the evening to see the lights on the Plaza. I guess that a photograph does not really do justice to the magic, but it gives a little idea.

Cullen and Grayson got home safely. It is raining today - snow forecast for tomorrow.
Can't stop thinking about everyone overseas having to deal with unaccustomed weather! Hope no one is traveling and staying warm and cozy at home instead of sliding on the roads!
Love to All of YOU!


  1. hey, all our friends know Christmas is our busiest time so don't sweat it. I call it Christmas Month anyway.Enjoy every minute of the beautiful and bountiful season that is New Mexico. it's so FESTIVE!

  2. Hey there stranger! I've been in denial about christmas and now its only a day away...Aaaargh
    it'll soon be over and we can get back to our regular scype slots and doing some cool crafts!
    miss you too

  3. In the first place, the season isn't really over until the new year, so you have lots of time left as far as others are concerned, and secondly, the whole thing has gotten completely out of hand and too stressful. I think all sane people need to rethink the way we celebrate this holiday. So don't beat yourself up over it. You bring so much beauty and joy to other people all year long, so this should be a time for you to relax and reflect and enjoy. Best wishes for the new year.