Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waldorf Holiday Faire

Today was a wild day! Long story, but Grayson was to be at the bus at school to take him to a Swim Meet at 7 am this morning - WE WOKE UP AT 7 am!!! it was a race in and of itself, I tell you.....whew! Cullen was asleep, too, which is so unusual for him. I got Grayson up. The coach called to see where we were. Cullen had to drive to Los Alamos - an hour away - to get G there for warm-up. I woke up my mom, who had to go with them early so that Cullen would not have to drive back and then go BACK up t the meet.
I was also getting myself ready for the Faire. Had to be there at 9 am for set-up.
Got dressed, ate a little something, packed the there at 9:05. Lots of back-n-forth to deal with - tables, tablecloths, setting up, etc - but by 10 am, it was all ready.
Below is what my little part of the Faire looked like:

I made the display last week - pretty cute!
The Santas and toadstools fit nicely on the shelves.
The sale was slow, but I did okay. People were very happy to see the things I had done and I had four good sales, I would say, with a handful of minimal ones. Still, it was worthwhile to me.

There are some things left.....hmmmmmm....Christmas gifts?
You never know, do you?
Thinking about all of you.......missing you, too.


  1. Hey Jone! Wow it all looks really great! The dispaly is really effective...I love the trim on the are on a roll arn't you! A super mum as well organising all those sleepyheads in your house!

  2. Jone- LOVE the darling display you made...and all of the wonderful things on it! Thanks loads for your keeping in touch just now!
    LOVE- Your Oolie

  3. Hi Jone! Please lust the tags and bags straight away- I have to have some!
    Glad you did well at the fair - now it must be our turn. I love the shelf edging, the tags and the bags! Great co-ordinated display must have drawn a crowd im sure! Your stamping looks great! What a talented woman u r, yes you are!

  4. It looks so nice Jone, cute and whimsical, a wonderful display!
    Love the idea with the Christmas tree tower, so clever!
    I want to buy one of the papier maché toadstools if there are any left!!?
    Have a great day, miss you