Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bryce #18

Eighteen years ago today, I gave birth to Bryce Carlson Hallmark.
Actually, he was Hunter Carlson first.....but he really didn't look like "Hunter"... we changed it.
This was his first (and only) birthday cake with ONE candle on it.....which he did blow out,
with the help of his brother, Forrest (age 3 1/2)

moments after birth
(I looked pretty good!)
it was just one and 1/2 hours of labor (!!!!!)

11 months old
climbing under "the table" at Nora's
(all three boys climbed under that table...)

This was Brycie's first taste of birthday cake - he really liked it!
He also made a HUGE mess - on the table and on his face!
Guess that is what first birthdays are supposed to be.

Looking through the photos this morning wasn't so easy, though they did make me smile a LOT! It has gone so quickly
....and now Grayson is 16, as of three days ago.
And Brycie would be 18 (!!!) and Forrest - 21!
Hard to believe it all.....


  1. Jone,
    I did not know this about you, your terrible loss. I am so sorry. I don't know how people survive things like this, but here you are. Thank you for sharing about your boys.

    Julie Fillo

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  3. Happy birthday to Grayson....
    I'm thinking of you this morning
    haven't got enough words to express my heart to yours really...

  4. I'm thinking about you and Cullen and Grayson and Forrest today. and sending lots of love and kind thoughts. I'm out of words.

  5. thinking of you all and sending my warmest wishes your way. xxx

  6. I'm glad you have those beautiful photos to look at. Hard for me to imagine or understand but I send my bests to you and Cullen. Happy Birthday to Grayson as well. You have all the important ages at one time. Wow. Many sweet thoughts.

  7. HAPPY, HAPPIER, HAPPIEST 16th Birthday to Grayson from his friend Oolie! A big warm hug....and a pinch to grow an inch!!!!!!!!

    A big warm squeeze to you my dearest friend as you reminice (sp?) on all of your precious boys' births and lives. As always, YOU ARE DEEP IN MY HEART POCKET....even way over here!
    LOVE- your Oolie