Thursday, June 30, 2011

the FIRE

There is a huge fire up near Los Alamos........
It went from 0 to 4000 acres in one night and the next night was up to 40,000 acres (!!!!!)
It is now up to almost 70,000 acres and threatening the nuclear labs and waste areas near the National Lab. It is less than an hour driving from here, but much closer as the crow flies.
There is a mandatory evacuation, at this time, for Los Alamos and surrounding areas. The National Forest and Monuments have been closed, as has the Lab.

This photo is beautiful, in a terrifying way.
From our driveway last night, this is the sunset as seen through the fire..
Pray for Rain.....really........


  1. Jone !!! I am praying and so is Tony. God Bless xxx

  2. I've been praying and chanting for rain for a week now. I saw your sign in the window of Doodlet's. great idea.

  3. I HOPE it rains and the fire goes out quick!

  4. Thanks for all your thoughts, ladies.
    Things seem to be getting better every day, though there is still smoke on the occasional afternoon. But, there has been rain the last couple of days (great rain yesterday, for us anyway) and I think they are getting a handle on the control......little by little.

    Keep thinking of all those in the way of the fire, though. It "ain't over til it's over"....