Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Gate

Cullen built a new gate last weekend so that people can park their car in the drive and come in the gate instead of waiting for us to open the big gate across the drive.

But first, here is my first attempt at painting the new mailbox that Cullen also built.
I do NOT like what I have done here - yuk!'Guess I will have to re-paint it this coming weekend.

And, here is the GATE!
He did a very nice job - but I have to paint it, too.
Why is it that a "blank slate" is so tough?

Maybe I will wait til after Grayson and I get back from Colorado on the 27th.....
Lookin' for inspiration!


  1. I noticed the new mailbox and like it very much. but if you don't than you won't be happy until you fix it. I think it's swell. and I love the new gate too.

  2. thanks Bears!
    I appreciate your input...

  3. will the mailman actually pick up your mail now?